• cumulus undatus

    cumulus undatus

  • Mob of agile wallabies

    Mob of agile wallabies

  • Eastside skies

    Eastside skies

  • Bristlecone night

    Bristlecone night

  • Granite Park reflection

    Granite Park reflection

  • Cactus gnome

    Cactus gnome

  • High winds on Mt. Tom

    High winds on Mt. Tom

  • Mojave mound cactus flower

    Mojave mound cactus flower

  • Ocean Dream

    Ocean Dream

Stephen Ingram

Stephen Ingram is an award-winning nature photographer specializing in the botanical treasures and landscapes of California.  Stephen Ingram Nature Photography provides sharp, colorful images of nature subjects ranging from abstracts to panoramic landscapes of the Eastern Sierra, from clouds to California gardens, and from tropical rainforests to deserts.

Stock Coverage: Stephen’s files include tens of thousands of images as high-res digital files, as well as 35 mm slides and medium format film.  Categories of strong coverage include the following:

• California native plants
• Landscapes of the Eastern Sierra
• Plants and animals of the Mojave Desert
• Cacti and Orchids

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Cacti, Agaves & Yuccas

“Stephen Ingram’s book, Cacti, Agave and Yuccas of California and Nevada, is not just a wealth of knowledge, it’s also a collection of some of the best photographs I have seen, especially in a book on succulent plants…”

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