• Cumulus lacunosus

    Cumulus lacunosus

  • Mob of agile wallabies

    Mob of agile wallabies

  • Crepuscular rays

    Crepuscular rays

  • Granite Park reflection

    Granite Park reflection

  • Australian fan palms

    Australian fan palms

  • Cactus gnome

    Cactus gnome

  • Cactus bee

    Cactus bee

  • High winds on Mt. Tom

    High winds on Mt. Tom

  • Mojave mound cactus flower

    Mojave mound cactus flower

  • Ocean Dream

    Ocean Dream

Rock Creek Wildflowers

“Stephen Ingram’s pocket guide, Rock Creek Wildflowers: There is a botanical paradise awaiting…in the Eastern Sierra Nevada’s Little Lakes Valley

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Cacti, Agaves & Yuccas

“Stephen Ingram’s book, Cacti, Agave and Yuccas of California and Nevada, is not just a wealth of knowledge, it’s also a collection of some of the best photographs I have seen, especially in a book on succulent plants…”

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