Due to overwhelming demand, I’ve finally added a new Gallery of nothing but time-lapse videos.  Some of these are also posted on You Tube, but you can click on the thumbnails and watch them without leaving my website (so convenient!).  And they’re short, mostly less than 30 sec, so you won’t be wasting your time, even by viewing them all.  So far I’ve focused mostly on clouds and their interactions with the mountains here in the Eastern Sierra, but I plan to move farther afield with my efforts at compressing time, and will post more in the coming months.  Hopefully this summer will be a good one for monsoonal thunderstorm activity.

In the meantime, here is a new one (from last year) of stratus clouds ebbing and flowing west against the mountain wall of Wheeler Crest, just above our house.  I love watching (and riding) surf at the beach, and these clouds move like waves washing up the shore and back out.

[cvg-video videoId=’14’ width=’640′ height=’480′ mode=’playlist’ /]

Stay tuned and thanks for watching!

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