Rock Creek Wildflowers

“Stephen Ingram’s pocket guide, Rock Creek Wildflowers: There is a botanical paradise awaiting…in the Eastern Sierra Nevada’s Little Lakes Valley

August, 2015 – California Native Plant Society Press – 5 x 7 inches – 135 color photos


From the dust jacket:
The peaks surrounding Little Lakes Valley form the headwaters of Rock Creek, an area known for its gorgeous scenery and easily accessible hiking trails. Rock Creek Wildflowers covers all of the common (and not so common) trees, ferns, shrubs and wildflowers in Little Lakes Valley from Mono Pass to Morgan Pass, and can be used in other areas of the High Sierra. Tuck this book in your pocket as you head out from Mosquito Flat to explore all the plants worth knowing along one of the Sierra Nevada’s most beautiful high elevation trails.

Profiles of 125 species include:

  • Common name, scientific name and its derivation
  • Plant size, leaf and flower description, range, elevation
  • Brief profiles describing the plant’s natural history with interesting facts
  • Beautiful diagnostic photographs of each plant
  • Panorama photo identifying all the peaks
  • Useful map showing trails and other features

Review Excerpt

Rock Creek Wildflowers “provides a description and an excellent photograph of each wildflower and plant, and thankfully, a map at the end of the book. Best of all, it comes in a size that easily fits in your pocket. It is a must for flower lovers that venture into the Little Lakes Valley at the head of Rock Creek Canyon in the high Sierra Nevada.”

– Phyllis Faber, California Native Plant Society

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