Ancient Rock Art

Ancient Rock Art

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This magnificent petroglyph display, known as the “Sky Rock” panel, inspires awe and respect for the indigenous people who created it thousands of years ago. The Volcanic Tableland is a vast expanse with hundreds of documented rock art sites, house rings, grinding stones, and other archaeological artifacts spread across the landscape. “Sky Rock” is especially interesting because of the diversity and density of its engraved etchings. The original engravings, etched several thousand years ago on this Bishop tuff, were re-patinated with natural oxidation and then re-pecked a second time only hundreds of years ago. Re-creating the elements of this panel long after the original composition points to its lasting cultural importance. This and other petroglyphs are sacred to the Nuumü of Owens Valley and all Native Americans, and should be valued for their unique cultural and historical significance.

This photo works well as either a canvas or metal print.


About the Fine Art Photos

Premium fine art canvas wraps are printed directly onto museum-quality canvas using high-quality archival inks. The canvas used is specially coated, ph neutral and archival, and comes in surfaces that are glossy, lustre (near-matte surface), or metallic for a radiant glow.

Metal prints are made by infusing dyes directly onto specially coated, .045 aluminum sheets that are durable, scratch resistant, and easy to clean. They are waterproof and weatherproof, but should not be displayed in direct sunlight. They come with 1/8″ rounded corners and are ready to hang.

Prints take 15-20 days to process, then will be shipped.

Please contact me for custom sizes, display options, or any other questions. Thank you!


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