Desert landscapes from California\'s Sonoran Desert, and the Mojave and Great Basin Deserts of Nevada and California, including mountains, badlands, Death Valley, cacti, dunes, Joshua trees, and arid landscapes.


Photos of insects, birds, reptiles and mammals from the Eastern Sierra and desert regions of California, including mule deer, butterflies, bumblebees, and more.


Photo images of cactus flowers, succulents, yuccas, poppies and native wildflowers, bristlecone pine forest imagery, and macro and abstract images of leaves and flowers in all seasons.


Garden landscape and design images that showcase agaves, cacti and succulents, flowers, lawn alternatives, pavers, walkways, native plants, walls, blue foliage, and many horticultural cultivars and botanical varieties.


Landscape images from California\'s Sierra Nevada, White Mountains, and Eastern Sierra region, including Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, Owens Valley petroglyphs, Ansel Adams Wilderness, John Muir Wilderness, Mono Lake. Photos are from all seasons, with snow, fall color, spring and summer flowers, and alpenglow, as well as abstracts, panorama landscapes, and aerial photos.


Photo images of stars, skies, clouds, sierra wave, weather, lightning, rainbow, sunrise, sunset, star trails, sun, iridescence, storms, and other meteorological phenomena.


Landscape photos of rainforests, cloud forests, trees, and neotropical plants from Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador, ocean beach views from Oahu and Costa Rica, and Australia.

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